Utility Overview

This is a patch for Notepad++ a great code editor. It adds a support to Progress 4gl.
Progress 4gl is part of Scintilla since version 1.74.


1. Download and install Notepad++ from SourceForge: http://notepad-plus-plus.org/download
2. Overwrite original files with the patch files (.\*.dll,.\*.xml, .\plugins\APIs\*.xml)
3. In the language menu choose "Postscript" for Progress 4GL

Note: Under certain circumstances (multi-installations, changes in N++ of default file locations, etc...) there is a need in additional step:
3b. Find other instances of stylers.xml and langs.xml, and replace them with the package xml files.


1. "end triggers" expression is not supported
2. Up-to 6 comments' nesting levels
3. Line continuation, used especially in preprocessor definitions, doesn't highlight the syntax correctly sometimes. To force Notepad++ refreshing the highlight, please apply a small change in the top line of the page or the first line of the preprocessor definition.





Yuval Papish


Yuval at yuvcom.com