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Progress Editor Extensions


Some Progress Editor extensions, to add convenience and robustness to the development process.
Supported by all versions \ OS \ Terminal environments.


Alt-g (Unix: Esc-g): Open Progress editor from anywhere

Ctrl-f: An advanced run-time information from anywhere

Ctrl-r: (For MFG/PRO, QAD) Ctrl-r from anywhere

Alt-d (Unix: Esc-d): Open Progress DB Dictionary from anywhere

F10: Choose a connected DB

F4: Choose a table from F10 DB, and insert the table name to editor

F5: Choose a field from F4 DB, and insert the field name to editor

F10,F4,F5 can used on partial names, so that only names that begins with the already typed characters would appear.

Recommended Usage

Put all files in a default propath directory

Edit xxmf.p to call (or not) a main startup procedure.

Add the following switch to Progress startup parameters:

-p xxmf.p





Yuval Papish


Yuval at yuvcom.com